Monday, September 10, 2012

How Planning a Year-Long Bicycle Tour Changes My View of Things

My husband and I are seriously planning a year-long self-supported bicycle tour beginning next summer.  That means that we will carry all our camping gear, clothing, bicycle tools and pretty much everything we will need for a year (except food and water) on our tandem.  We want to keep our total "gear" weight for the both of us to something under 80 pounds and hopefully closer to 50 pounds.  Not only do we want our gear to be under a certain weight, we have to be able to fit it all into a relatively small space.

Knowing we will be living the "simple life" on a bike for such a long time, makes me look at all the "stuff" I have in my home today.  It also makes me realize how little of the "stuff" I have that I actually need or use on a daily basis.  Each week, we haul "stuff" to Goodwill or other charitable organizations to lighten our load.

It's amazing how a bicycle tour can change one's perspective on what is needed and what is not!

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