Saturday, September 8, 2012

Midwest Tandem Rally

This past weekend my husband and I went to our first tandem rally. We had owed our tandem for five whole days before we went and had probably put only 20 miles on the bike, so we were really "newbies" to the tandem world. 

It was amazing to see so many tandems in one place. I think there were about 1,000 bikes there. Of all the tandems, there was only one other bike that was configured like ours with a recumbent seat in the front for the stoker and an upright seat in the back for the captain. So many people asked questions about our bike. I wouldn't be surprised if the bike shop we bought it from gets lots of calls this week. 

We finally have a picture of the two of us riding the bike. Here it is! 
Our first picture together on the Hase Pino

There were lots of fascinating bikes.  Some of my favorites are the quads and quints.

An example of a quad.

A quint!

It's really fun to see so many tandems in one place.  It was quite an event!

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