Sunday, August 19, 2012

Roun' da Manure Ride, Sharon WI

Yesterday, we drove to Sharon, WI to do the Roun' Da Manure ride.  The weather was absolutely perfect for it.  Highs in the mid 70's, low humidity, clear skies with white puffy clouds and a gentle breeze.  It was a great day to be out on a bicycle.  It was such fun!

Sharon, WI and the surrounding area have long, relatively flat roads.  There were a few curves and rolling hills tossed in the ride for good measure.  We were given coupons for ice cream in the various stores we passed.  The ice cream was top notch with lots of choice.  The ride was VERY reasonably priced considering all the food and sag support that was included.

Speaking of sag support, I had a problem with the front V-brake on my bike when I was setting the bike up.  I'm not real familiar with V-brakes because the particular bike I was riding that day is relatively new to me and it's the first bike I've owned with that particular type of brake on it.  I took my bike over to the sag support wagon and a very kind gentleman quickly fixed the brake.  Not only did he fix it, but he gave me a free mini-course on V-brakes to that if I have problems in the future, I know the things to check and how to fix them.  As my husband and I were riding, we both commented on how great it was that the gentleman had not only been able to quickly diagnose and fix the problem, but was kind enough to teach a newbie a thing or two about bikes.  He was clearly a natural teacher.

I discovered after the ride, that the gentleman turned out to be Lon Haldeman...a world champion bike rider.  He won the Race Across America race two years in a row!  His record time for riding from Santa Monica Pier to the Empire State Building hasn't been broken in thirty years!  Here's a man who loves cycling and has given much back to the sport!  Hat's off to you Lon!

Yesterday was a perfect day for biking, and the Roun' Da Manure ride was the perfect place to do it....

By the way, there wasn't much "dairy air" during the ride, so the name of the ride is a bit of a misnomer.  Lot's and lot's of farms, but they seemed to be more geared to growing corn and other wonderful crops.

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